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Kidney & Hypertension Disease


Hypertension is elevated blood pressure. Hypertension can be essential which means the cause of it is not known or secondary which the cause could be in the kidneys or glands close to your kidneys such as your adrenal glands. Your kidney specialist will check you for the above.

What is Kidney Hypertension Disease?

Elevation of blood pressure (Hypertension) in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Hypertension is highly associated with increase in the level of salt intake. The “salt sensitive” component to blood pressure increases progressively with loss of kidney function in patients with kidney disease. In poorly treated hypertension, kidney damage leads to additional hypertension, which causes further kidney damage.

How is Kidney Hypertension Disease evaluated?

Due to the intricate nature of the kidney, further evaluation is needed with the assistance of a kidney specialist (Nephrologist). Often evaluation of labs, including blood and urine, in addition to scans are necessary to observe all mechanisms related to hypertension in order to implement thorough therapies.

How is Kidney Hypertension Disease treated?

Treating hypertension in patients with CKD entails vigorous salt-depleting therapy  with salt restricted diet and blood pressure lowering agents, including diuretic therapy.Your doctor will give you specific recommendation for your specific condition.

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