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What is home hemodialysis?

Home Hemodialysis is an alternative to In-Center Hemodialysis at a Dialysis Center. It provides patients and their families the autonomy to manage their dialysis treatments. Home hemodialysis may employ standard machines that are used in for in-center dialysis. However, these machines tend to be complicated and require longer training time for patients and family members to master them. Patients must also demonstrate proper technique to accessing their catheter or fistula/graft.

The home must be prepared prior to starting home hemodialysis. Patient must have a designated area of the home dedicated for dialysis. The in-center machines require the installation of a water purification system at the home. Some newer machines are smaller and simpler. Instead of a water purification system, these machines employ pre-prepared sterile dialysate bags. The disadvantage is the limitation in the dialysate volume that can be used, because of the financial costs and the necessary storage of dialysate bags in the home.

Home Dialysis with Coastal Nephrology & Hypertension Center

Patients on home hemodialysis have monthly follow-up visits with their nephrologists in the office. Also, patients receive in-home visits by nurses, dietician, and social worker which provide assessments, education, and lab draws. Pertinent information is reported to the physician, and appropriate changes are made to the patient’s plan of care.